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Tonya Hofmann

5:30pm EST/ 4:30 CST/ 3:30 MST/ 2:30 PST

“Attraction Marketing”

Can’t wait to show you how easy it is to attract people to your business rather than attacking them and making them run!  This is Real Information that you can implement immediately!  Yippee!!!


Neesy Croft

6:30pm EST/ 5:30 CST/4:30 MST/ 3:30 PST

“Beauty from the Inside Out”
In this short presentation we will discuss: What you put in your body affects the aging process as well as what you put on your body, aging is a giving, but how you look while aging is a choice. To include a demo in giving The Orgasmic Facial, and the best time of the day to apply.


Pam Low

8:00pm EST/  7:00 CST/ 6:00 MST/  5:00 PST

“Living a Boundless life”

We all have blocks that we are not aware of that keep us from being all we can be. Affirmations are powerful tools that help change long held beliefs that a block success. Tap into the hidden power to be the best you possible.


“Tired of Watching Other People Living Your Dream?
3 Keys to Loving Your Life & Laughing All the Way to the Bank!”
Tired of getting up and going to that same soul-sucking job day after day? Are you totally over running out of money before you run out of month?
And when people talk about retiring, do you just laugh to yourself because you don’t think you will ever be able to afford to retire?
And even worse, are you you feeling like nobody recognizes your hard work at your day job and you might as well be invisible?
I’ve been where you are, and I’m here to tell you there is a better way!
In this 20-minute talk, i will give you 3 high-powered, high-octane strategies to get laser-focused on exactly what you need to do to kick your business success into high gear!
WARNING: Do not attend this mini-but-MIGHTY webinar if you love the status quo or if you love that 9-5 “working-for-the-man” jam!
This webinar is GUARANTEED to get you energized and ready to KICK YOUR BUSINESS into HIGH GEAR!
Let’s Do This!!!


Want to speak at this summit?  Awesome, we would love for you to.  Simply contact any of the Boundless Leaders and talk with us about signing up with our team and let’s get going!  It is about having fun, having real support, getting our message heard, making some extra monthly income and enjoying meeting fabulous new people.