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Boundless Summit is Nov 29th from 4:30 to 9:30pm CST… Sign up for a limit spot today!

Different speaker every 30 minutes.  Your spot is 15 to 20 minutes with a short presentation about Boundless inbetween each person and a couple minutes to change to the next speaker and introduction.  The presentations will be recorded and posted on this website for people to watch any time.

You MUST… be 10 minutes early (even though it would be awesome to support the other speakers and be on as long as you can), Tonya will briefly introduce you (we don’t read bios), Your subject matter can be about ANYTHING… but it must be a recruiting message for Boundless (You can mention other businesses but the focus has to be Boundless), Promote your spot but also the whole event… push out information about each speaker and the Leadership Team Agreement form has to be filled out prior to applying for the summit so that you will agree to the Audio and Visual terms.

The recordings will be posted on boundlessfriends,, Tonya Hofmann’s YouTube Channel, we’ll send you a link if requested and you can post the full version on your accounts and utilize the YouTube link and/or iframe for your own use.

Any questions… ASK!  Tonya Hofmann 512-436-5645


Is the link to the Facebook Boundless Friends Page… Add yourself and Add Your Team!  Let’s stay connected!

Sunday’s are Team Leaders Meeting… Training, Congrats & Intros to new Affiliates!

Tuesday’s are the Boundless Opportunity Presentation

Thursday’s are Deep Dive Training

All at 9pm EST/ 8 CST/ 7 MST/ 6 PST

or call 408-638-0968 365698868#

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Peek Curiosity and they will come and want more!